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    Seth McMahon

    Seth McMahon
    Seth McMahon currently works and resides in Hawaii,but his roots are in San Francisco where he is a founding member of the Articin Collective. He takes influence from great artists both of our time and of the past, always with an appreciation for many different types of art. Abstract, visionary, tribal, conceptual, classical and urban are all styles that he has drawn from.
       “Creating has always made me feel that I am a part of something greater than myself as an individual. It reminds me that I am directly partaking in evolution. Ever since the earliest cave paintings, our symbols have been evolving to accurately reflect our environment. Thus as an artist, I am a part of a long lineage of people who are guiding culture and common belief. I feel it is my duty as so to evolve the symbols of our current time to stand for beauty, truth, and positivity. These works are intended to inspire. To give hope and light to those who receive it. They are my prayers to the world in which I live in.” -Seth McMahon